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    Лаверне Берк

    Lately? Been seeming a bit ‘off&’ to me for a long time now @rho-rho &;.It&’s the judging of only certain members that gets me and nothing is said to those who do it but as soon as one member makes a judgment, there&’s so much to be said. It is that kind of Phoney Balogna that gags me. Cb2 is for one and all to share their opinion without having to be under scrutiny for it, If you are loving you&’re too soft, if you&’re hardcore, you&’re too hard, and so forth on&;.Judge and fkin jury. Do you I say and stop worrying about what the next person is doing&;If you feel like stating what the truth is to you, then go right ahead and do just that and don&’t be worried about the nay say&’ers. Real talk&;.I asked for important help the other day when my arm was hurting, no one cared but my God I serve came and rescued me Rhoda, the pain was gone and I felt wonderful&;I thank him for it all and at the same time ‘Thanks for the post&’