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  • Росс Бидвелл
    Росс Бидвелл

    @annekew, get this i was originally scheduled to be there at ten thirty, they call me two days ago and tell me their machine is broke they have to reschedule, i ask when they say 1020 same day, i was thinking well thats odd but ok, then they tell me of this van and why its there because the one in the building is broke, so eh, ok. Now i put off for a month doing this lab work, so i leave early enough to drop off лабораторија, and make it fifteen minutes ahead of time as they asked ( so really my appt is not 1020, but 1005, okayy) So i arrive at 945, i see the van and its right by the main road, busssy intersection lots of traffic, and this van is not like what i was imagining at all, it was short and slim for such to be honest, but still I say, hmm okay, they give you pasties. I get checked in go to lab its 950, the same receptionist finds me and tells me my appt is at 950. I say &;ohh okay, well i can drop this off when im done (cause you get a fifteen minute lee way is the general rule) I step out of the lab door into the hallway, look outside the window to the parking lot and the damn van is goneeeeee!!!!!!!!!! I looked at the receptionist and go &;I wasnt even late yet” LoL

  • Мендел Беецрофт
    Мендел Беецрофт

    Шта год пожелите

  • Март Кратзке
    Март Кратзке

    Неки људи сањају о успеху, док други људи устају свако јутро и дају то да се деси.

  • Ловелл Цратти
    Ловелл Цратти

    Забавите се играјући