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€ КСНУМКС цасино чип Ажурирано: Јула КСНУМКС, КСНУМКС Аутор: Харвиллл Цоллопи
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  • Терренце Милици
    Терренце Милици

    Долар који је победио је двоструко слатко као долар зарадјен ...

  • Мелвин Кеарбеи
    Мелвин Кеарбеи

    I blame the snarky witticism of our generation that has the millineals all so touchy and sensitive and bleeding hearts Im waiting to hear how they plan to wash away key points of black marks of history, mean, if we got to tear down all monuments that represent repression and rises from it, then we need to go back to the pyramids, tear them down .. think on that lol but yeah they sure are a sensitive bunch born with instead of silver spoons in their mouths poles up their asses