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£ КСНУМКС Но Депосит Бонус Цасино Ажурирано: Децембар КСНУМКС, КСНУМКС Аутор: Оберон Хоцхстеин
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    If a casino is safe and secure this will be a known fact by its customers. Any casino will want to seem as the safest place ever to gamble but nowhere will you get a more honest opinion than in an independent gambler’s forum. There are many forums available online where the one wishing to chat with other online gamblers can join and get some opinions. Of course, it is a must to stay aware of why someone might be less attracted to a certain casino. Is it really that the safety was low or did this player loose a lot of money while playing there? Not all people know to be objective when they suffer a loss. If safety is really your concern then this is what you want to hear about not remarks about how great a casino was due to huge prize sums.

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    Ако изгубите новац, никада не покушавајте да га вратите тако што ћете прећи преко границе. Ово обично води до већих губитака.